We Help Retailers Give Consumers Choices Otherwise Unavailable


For more than 20 years, Axcess Financial business partners have been delivering an ever-widening range of financial opportunities for consumers traditionally underserved by the conventional banking system, both domestically and abroad. TEMPOE, one of our newest partners, extends this mission to the retail world of consumer goods.

TEMPOE takes a new approach to an ongoing challenge for many consumers, namely how to obtain the quality merchandise they need for their daily lives, when they need it. TEMPOE’s program aims to put retail within reach for consumers who may be facing credit challenges or temporary budget constraints. When consumers don’t have the financial resources on hand to purchase appliances and other necessary items, they can take advantage of TEMPOE’s no credit required shopping to get what they need and even take their items home the same day.

TEMPOE partners with both large and small retailers across the country, providing a wide selection of brand-name products, including such iconic brands as Sears and Kmart. With high approval rates and a quick and easy application process, TEMPOE’s program features low payments and a flexible payment schedule.

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